fire at the farm

On March 31st 2015, Jamie closed Gilead Café and Wine Bar. Now a year has passed and spring is upon us once more. Ideas seem to take hold in the spring, like seeds in the ground. The farm beckons and Jamie Kennedy Kitchens is taking a road trip to Prince Edward County. The flagship activity will be a weekly dinner series, beginning on Saturday June 18th and continuing each Saturday evening throughout the summer. This anchors our operations squarely in Prince Edward County where we are excited to explore the vibrant community of winemakers, artisan suppliers of food and grow our own produce right on the farm. We will even be growing potatoes to supply our popular french fry enterprise both at locations in Toronto and Prince Edward County. 

Travelling to Niagara, be sure to make plans for dinner at Windows by Jamie Kennedy, located high above the ground at The Sheraton on the Falls in Niagara Falls Ontario. The view of the falls and the thoughtful regional menu and wine list are unforgettable. If you visit farmers' markets in Toronto, you will see our french fry enterprise in operation at the Evergreen Brickworks, Sorauren Farmers' Market, Dufferin Grove Farmers' Market and The Waterfront Artisan Market. At Durham College in Whitby Ontario we work with the students to prepare and serve a dinner on Thursday evenings. May 26 marks the last dinner for this semester, but we will be resuming the series in September. 

In addition to the food services that we continue to offer, Jamie has embarked in new direction, offering support to other enterprises whose principles align with his own to further enrich the experience of his customers. 

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