About Us

At Jamie Kennedy Kitchens, we celebrate the exploration of excellence in local gastronomy. Together with our community of dedicated and like-minded farmers, winemakers, artisans, producers and patrons, we embrace our evolving and unique food culture with passion.

Arlene Stein, creator of the Terroir Hospitality Symposium, eloquently speaks to this philosophy in the following quote, which is included in "J.K. The Jamie Kennedy Cookbook":

Long before it was trendy, Chef Kennedy was quietly helping to change the way people ate and thought about food, simply by making changes in the way he operated his kitchen. He made a choice years ago to create relationships with his suppliers and to think about how to obtain the best local products, by helping to support small-scale operations.

One of Chef Kennedy's greatest accomplishments has been in creating relationships that support the growth of an alternative food system--becoming a champion of the individuals who work the farms and the fields and allowing them to grown their own businesses.