Jamie Kennedy Kitchens explores the terroir of Prince Edward County and beyond. There is a core belief that food culture of a place can only evolve with full gastronomic engagement in that place.

It is our role at Jamie Kennedy Kitchens to interpret the bounty of Southern Ontario into dishes and wine pairings that resonate with a clarity that can be identified with this place. Of course this engagement takes into consideration not only the climate and soil type of the place but also the people; the artisans who are themselves engaged in a direct relationship with the place. The fishers, the growers of fruits and vegetables, the producers of animals, prepared meats and cheeses, the winemakers and brewmasters.

The cook as impresario, brings all this talent to the stage in a thoughtful manner that results in an expression of food culture that is unique to this place. This work comprises a broad spectrum of experiences, ranging from gastronomic tour de forces around a communal table at the farm, to the humble french fry elevated to gastronomic status in the farmers' market setting.