The Precious Gift of Water

July 12 2016
One of the first things I remember about settling in to my new rural home was the tour of the property conducted by the previous owner. It was such a lovely gesture on his part to personally walk me around, pointing out landmarks and boundaries; here is the abandoned rail that cuts right through, over there is the 35 acre woodlot.

Jeff Connell at the Summer Dinner Series

July 06 2016
Sometimes it takes stepping away from one’s usual focus to gain perspective and a better understanding of what makes the work one is engaged in, unique. This small journey outside the box inspires one further in one’s own work, closer to home.

Local Sparkling & Strawberries

June 28 2016
It has been hot and dry in Prince Edward County for the past month or so. I noticed it was becoming critical on Saturday as the dry golden grass crunched under my feet while getting set up on the ridge.

The Twin Cherries

June 21 2016

At 3:00 pm on Saturday June 18th, I was already up on the ridge. Anne Rumble stayed behind in the kitchen to put the last pieces of the mise en place together. Deep breaths and focus as we move into the fast water. The clock approaches guest arrival time at 5:00 pm. Today the excitement is palpable as it is our launch of the Summer Dinner Series.

Good Things Take Time

June 14 2016
It takes a while to change one's rhythm. I mean, I have owned this farm in Prince Edward County since 2001. I was drawn here through my curiosity about growing grapes and the magical transformation of grapes to wine.

Gastronomy on the Farm

June 08 2016
It was like when Elvis Costello came into my restaurant many years ago. I was so excited to see him and so honoured that he had chosen my place to dine. I went to his table and told him how much I enjoyed his music.

A Community Dinner & Dress Rehearsal

May 24 2016
Around here the farmers say that after the last full moon in May, its safe to plant out your garden with no risk of frost. On Saturday May 21st we had the last full moon in May and 70 neighbours from here in Hillier were invited for dinner on my farm.

Notes for Terroir 2016, the 10th Edition - Part III

April 28 2016
Poetic transformations in food culture are the result of combining ingredients and people on a sliding scale of intervention. You grow grapes in a vineyard. You grow apples in an orchard. You harvest these ingredients. You select sound fruit. Your winery is spotlessly clean yet there exists colonies of ambient yeast that poetically transform your grapes into wine. You taste this conjuror’s trick and you are smitten.

Notes for Terroir 2016, the 10th Edition - Part II

April 27 2016
Sometimes travelling lends new insight to what is possible at home. Trying not to listen to the noise of standard practice. Sometimes our governments “protect” us to the detriment of cultural evolution.

Notes for Terroir 2016, the 10th Edition - Part I

April 26 2016
Poetic is a word that describes your self expression. Being poetic is to turn little things into wonderful meaning. To be poetic you must observe the things around you and transform them into something that, for you and for others will resonate with a new clarity and beauty.
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