Canada's Own

After many years of working with Canada's Own, creating recipes and championing the company and its philosophy...Jamie is now officially their Brand Ambassador!



Here are a few words from Jamie on his history with Carole-Ann Hayes and her company:

      I met Carole-Ann Hayes many years ago at my restaurant “The Wine Bar” in Toronto. Her office was just around the corner and she was a regular customer. She had this idea to start up a soup company that would feature ingredients procured from local farmers in Ontario. I helped Carole-Ann in the early days with some ideas for soups and sauces to feature. Over the next several years, Carole-Ann did all the heavy lifting, establishing the brand in the Ontario marketplace and eventually to the national market as the company evolved in name from “Ontario’s Own” to “Canada’s Own”. Today, Canada’s own products, mainly soups and stocks, are available in most major supermarket chains in Ontario and in some stores in British Columbia.

Carole-Ann has brought the company a long way. Last year, as Carole-Ann began to think about a succession plan for the company, she reached out to me. The timing could not have been more perfect. As someone who had observed from the sidelines as Carole-Ann built the brand, I was impressed and excited by her commitment to local procurement practices. I had stopped operating restaurants as a career mainstay. Just as Carole-Ann was seeking new opportunities, so was I. I was looking for a way to apply my operating philosophies as a cook who had evolved in his thinking to focus on local and seasonal procurement practices to a new arena outside of the restaurant world. As Carole-Ann begins to wind down her time operating Canada’s Own, I have been begun my tenure with the company in the role of Chef and brand ambassador. The future looks bright. After an initial period of analyzing the current product line, we will decide how best to take the company into the future. I am excited by the prospects of helping the company to grow by identifying spaces in the market that we can expand into with products that will at once excite our customers and boost the local economy. As the next few months unfold much time will be spent with the company. 


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